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Peerless Mission Statement

To Our Customers

Our mission is relentless dedication in providing superior customer service, delivered on-time with professionalism.

To Our Employees

Our mission is to provide a caring atmosphere which builds a stable and exciting workplace, fueled by creativity and personal growth.

Core Values

Our People Are Our Priority——Lasting Relationships Since 1948——A Foundation of Honesty & Integrity——Innovative Thinking

The History Of Peerless

In 1948, Nile Wright, Sr. founded Peerless Pump Service to provide sales, service and repair of well pumps in the San Antonio area. Those were the days of flood irrigation with the abundant water supply from the Edwards Aquifer. The local area was referred to as the Belgian Gardens due to the number of immigrant farmers growing predominantly vegetable crops. Those farmers were in need of someone who could provide the products and services required for increasing productivity while minimizing labor. In a short time, the service area expanded out west to Hondo, Texas, and as far south as Devine, Texas. As trade in the area grew, Peerless found itself needing to expand product lines to include sales and service of the equipment used to distribute the water.

In 1954, the patent on the center pivot was licensed to Bob Daugherty and the early foundation for Valmont Industries and Valley brand pivots was laid in Columbus, Nebraska. During this time, Peerless was selling aluminum hand-move pipe with sprinklers to local farmers. It wasn’t until the early 70’s, and with the advancement of improved technology, that Peerless became a dealer for Valley Irrigation. This prompted Peerless to open a new location in Pearsall, Texas, to provide sales, installation and service of complete irrigation systems from multiple locations.

When Nile Wright, Sr. passed away in 1971, it was his wife, Irene, and two sons, Nile Jr. and George, that stepped in and carried Peerless for the next 40 years. Irene Wright served as President for 28 years before turning over her title over to her son Nile Wright, Jr. During those years, Peerless expanded into the municipal markets bidding on projects involving the sale and installation of large well pumping equipment. The family business continued to grow and opened another location to serve the Winter Gardens in Uvalde, Texas. In 2003, Nile Wright, Jr. passed away and his brother, George Wright, became the 4th member of the Wright family to serve as President of Peerless. In October 2011, George Wright sold the family business to WW Peerless LLC. Edwin Hatcher now serves as company President, and with his leadership, we are excited for the opportunity to build on what the Wright family started nearly seven decades ago.

The Peerless name represents an excellent reputation among customers and suppliers in this region. WW Peerless LLC strives to remain the premier supplier, servicer and installer of water needs for agricultural, municipal, wildlife and natural resource clients in Texas and beyond. By joining with McKinley Drilling Co. in 2011, we have expanded our capabilities to include front line deep water well drilling to the Carrizo Aquifer. Drilling these wells enhances our abilities and offers a turnkey approach to end water users. We are now able to provide the drilling, pump installations and irrigation equipment (through pivots, reels and sprinklers) under one roof. We recognize this is an exciting time of growth for several industries in the State of Texas, and the Peerless Team continually strives to do our very best to improve our products and services to meet those needs.