Wildlife & Natural Resources

Recent droughts have caused landowners to look for cost effective ways to move water on their ranches. The wildlife and natural resource industries both require moving water several miles. Peerless Equipment can supply and install components (PVC line, poly line, large storage tanks and booster pumps) to create customized water layouts for a wide range of applications.


South Texas offers wildlife enthusiasts among the rarest of playgrounds in the United States. The diverse plant and vegetation communities in this region support equally diverse wildlife species (whitetail deer, turkey, ducks, quail). As a result this region has not only attracted many hunters and wildlife breeders, but it has also created business opportunities for those landowners seeking to improve their native herds. Unfortunately, inconsistent annual rainfall creates tough challenges to an industry dependent on water.

Great for Food Plots

  • Portable Surface Pod Sprinklers
  • Portable Water Reels
  • Sustain Native Grasses
  • Land Conservation

Our pivots, hose reels and portable pods all offer creative ways to fight the serious implications a South Texas drought can have on its habitat.

Natural Resources

In October 2008, the Eagle Ford Shale drilling began, creating industry buzz like never before. As a result, water needs are at an all-time high to supply the production of these wells. We can provide the natural resource industry with products and services to keep up with the fast growing need to move high volumes of water over long distances.

  • Supply Water Well Drilling
  • Water Transfer
  • Booster Pumps